PAAS® | Cotton

Increase your knowledge of Easter and Easter egg decorating with PAAS® fun facts!

  • If you lay all of the PAAS® kits sold each year end-to-end, they would reach from Miami, Florida, to Chicago, Illinois. That’s nearly 1,400 miles!
  • Thirteenth-century Macedonians were the first Christians known to use colored eggs in their Easter celebrations. Crusaders returning from the Middle East spread the custom of coloring eggs, and Europeans then began to use colored eggs to celebrate Easter and other holidays.
  • Persians first began using colored eggs to celebrate spring in 3000 B.C. On the first day of spring, they would give each other an egg dyed red.
  • The ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans all used colored eggs to celebrate spring. Among the Chinese, parents of newborn children still present gifts of colored eggs to their friends as a sign of new life.
  • If you lay all of the PAAS® wire dippers end-to-end, they would equal the height of 6,628 Washington Monuments.
  • Laying eggs is hard work! In fact, it takes 24-26 hours to complete the process, according to research from the University of Illinois-Urbana. Even the best brood hens cannot lay more than one egg a day.
  • South American Ameraucana and Araucan chickens can lay eggs that are green, blue, or pinkish in color.