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Easter Games from PAAS®

Easter Egg Roll

You will need decorated Easter eggs, a wide patch of grass (preferably with a gentle slope), big spoons and “start” and “finish” lines. Hint: Divide races up by age groups to make it more fun for smaller children.

  1. Each player gets a decorated Easter egg and a spoon
  2. Place the egg on the grass in front of you and position your spoon behind it
  3. When they say “go,” use the spoon to move your egg down the grass towards the finish line
  4. The winner is the first person to cross the finish line with their egg

Capture the Egg

You play this game like Capture the Flag – the object is to collect the other team’s eggs without being touched. All you’ll need is decorated Easter Eggs and as many players you can get!

  1. Divide your group into two teams and select a “territory.”
  2. Place your decorated Easter eggs on the ground in the territories (use the same number for each group, or divide into “Kids” against “Grown-ups” and hide many more eggs in the kids’ territory for the grown-ups to capture)
  3. If a player is tagged by the other team they must freeze—standing where they are until they’re freed by a touch from one of their own players

Easter Egg Relay Race

You’ll need decorated Easter eggs, teams of at least three people (the same number of players per team), spoons for each player, and “Start” and “Finish” lines. The object is to pass the egg from player to player without dropping it.

  1. A player on each team stands on the “start” line holding a decorated Easter egg in their spoon. On the count of three, they run towards the next player and try to pass the egg from their spoon to their teammate’s spoon
  2. Keep doing this until every player has passed the egg from spoon to spoon
  3. If a team drops their egg, they must start again with the first player
  4. The winning team is the first one to cross the finish line